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Upcoming shows:

06.07 Kater Blau Berlin
14.07 Mensch Meier Berlin
27.7 Landjuweel (with ZO-13)


Nadav Dagon, a Drumtek musician and producer, performing a dynamic live techno set during a hypnotizing 360 degrees show. By only playing the drums with a set of samplers, he creates an endless playground filled with sound, electronics and delicious bass.

Nadav Dagon(29), spending his childhood in the green township of Kibbutz Beit-Oren, located on the top of the Carmel Mountain, Nadav is used to living in an open and loving community- full of freedom, nature were music was a big part of his daily life.

His deeper relationship with music started when he turned 16 years old and he started to play in professional bands, entering the nightlife scene of Israel. With a percussionist father and a musical family - the drums were there all the time. The connection with electronic music was integral and took him into all the bigger productions in this genre in Israel like Madboojah Project, ZO13, TribeaT, Onogana, Reflections and others.

Starting his solo-project less than 2 years ago, Nadav Dagon has already performed on various festival stages and in the larger (underground) clubs of Israel and is ready to go international! He has been live on stage and performed his act in Lithuania, Estonia, Portugal, Hungary and cities such as New York and Amsterdam. Yes he is ready for more, to follow and knows exactly what he has to for it!
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This upcoming summer, July 2016, he will be travelling to China to cooperate in musical project, together with another talented musician from Israel. Nadav is currently most occupied to produce more of his music and is eager to work with international record labels. Together with his partner from Glide Brothers LTD, he is looking for the right cooperation so please do reach out if you see possibilities to cooperate with us.